Austin David – Infinity (Official Lyric Video)

Los-Angeles-based guitarist, singer and songwriter Austin David crafts soulful, happy, inspirational tunes rooted in solid beats with crisp melodies and authentic, clever lyrics.

Austin DavidThrough compelling live performances, he pays tribute to the wisdom of astute, cheerful philosophers such as Bob Marley and embraces the raw energy and adaptability of performers such as Tom Petty, and Dave Grohl. Austin’s meticulously-rendered recordings overflow with memorable hooks and thoughtful harmonies, showcasing his dedication to learning the many complexities of his instrument and the recording process as well as his ability to seamlessly cross genre lines. He sings playful stories about love, hope and self-discovery that explore the limitless boundaries of music and its power to celebrate the unexpected delights of the human experience.

An enthusiastic lyricist, musical alchemist and world traveler, Austin developed a passion for dissecting the intricacies of different instruments as well as translating his thoughts and emotions into songs at a young age. While growing up in west Michigan, his mother bought a used piano and put it in the basement of his home, where he would sit for hours experimenting with sounds, combining notes and inventing imaginative passages. In his teens, he gravitated towards the guitar, enthusiastically mirroring his favorite pop, reggae, R&B, folk and classic rock riffs, eventually finding the distinctive vibe that would evolve into his own voice. Now, grateful for life’s complexities, Austin presents his own songs like souvenirs of his own rambling journey – anthems for his continuing, curious travels that he sends like melodic postcards from the sights and sounds that leave resonant impressions.

Austin David’s debut EP, This One’s for You is now available here!

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2 Responses to Austin David – Infinity (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Tapha says:

    dude got talent

  2. Dani says:

    Fantastic really enjoyed it.