Cal Mobley feat. Lexi Sorrentino – Ring (Music Video)

26 year old Cal Mobley grew up in the nation’s capital of Washington, DC, where he developed a unique perspective for his craft. Having been adopted and raised by two white parents from an early age, has created a somewhat uncharted lane in Hip-Hop for Cal, while also slightly alienating the young artist in a predominately African American rooted genre of music. Fitting in was never easy, so Cal decided to channel some of that frustration towards society into an artistic but safe outlet. With Mobley’s now third EP “Caskets Made in China” on the way, expect to see a lot more from this young artist. Here is Cal Mobley’s “Ring” featuring Lexi Sorrentino. “Ring” has a cool laid back vibe with a nice chanty hook. Let us know if you want to hear more Cal Mobley!

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One Response to Cal Mobley feat. Lexi Sorrentino – Ring (Music Video)

  1. Ruthy says:

    This is super chill love the hook

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