Constance – Oh My

Chicago-based poetess and musical storyteller, Constance offers up exhilarating tracks that light up her personal experiences through clever, liquid lyrics that flow over contagious R&B melodies and bass infused beats. She puts her own brutally-honest twist on stories about love, loss, sex, and life’s hars realities told alongisde a combination of gritty and sweet rhymes that are boosted by a deep, rhythmic heartbeat and sophisticated instrumentals. Through carefully-produced recordings and mesmerizing, high energy live shows, she pulls audiences into her inner world and pays tribute to the hip-hop trailblazers who have influenced her, including Missy Elliot, Outkast, 2Pac, Nas, and Remy Ma. Constance’s latest EP, Temerarious chronicles her transformation from a young lady into a woman through bold and layered tunes that prove the femal perspective is an essential powerful voice in the hip-hop universe.

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2 Responses to Constance – Oh My

  1. greg says:

    Vocals are really clean nice work Constance!

  2. darius says:

    yessss chicago lets go