DAMON MATIK – THE PARADE (Official Music Video)

DAMON MATIK’s brand new single ”The Parade” talks about the nightlife in Montreal. In Montreal everybody wants nothing more than to have a good time. The Parade is just a metaphor for the nightlife. People parading around and going wild. The video was shot in downtown Montreal, which is actually quite nice during the nighttime.

The song was produced by Montreal producer, engineer Michael Ben. Michael Ben also provides vocals for the hook. Damon wrote the entire song back in the summer of 2016, which played a big role in inspiring the hook actually. The song was mainly inspired by his personal experiences in the nightlife. Everybody’s colors come out during the nightlife. We all let go and forget about our problems for the night. This is the parade.


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2 Responses to DAMON MATIK – THE PARADE (Official Music Video)

  1. big homie says:

    record iz dope asf!

  2. jordan says:

    hook is fiya