Demolition Mann – In The Trap (Official Music Video)

Demolition Mann is based In Tampa Florida with the rest of his team in Springfield Massachusetts. He is a rapper, producer, owner of Demolition Site Studios, and CO CEO of the label 80 Proof Entertainment. Started rap at an early age, but with the help of the other co ceo’s of 80 Proof Entertainment, (Rah and TOX), he was able to take it more seriously and turn music into a business.

In his new video, Demolition Mann pays homage to his favorite childhood movie “New Jack City” by dropping his sixth installmentm “In the Trap”, his ‘Demolition Site’ mixtape. Directed by Lefty’s Frozen Moment filmz and Ali Vision.

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One Response to Demolition Mann – In The Trap (Official Music Video)

  1. jorge says:

    this the type of trakk u bump when u wanna feel like a boss…good shit demo