FWZ – You See Us (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (Directed By WillPhoto)

Born André M. Graham Jr. on August 21,1987 in Brooklyn, NY, this MC was destined for success. He was exposed to music by his father who used to DJ for local parties and early on, Andre’ developed an ear for music and the bug grew within. By the age of 13, he was helping out at backyard events, all the while gaining the attention of many people and was given the nickname DJ Sightz. When his parents decided to relocate to Staten Island, NY Andre’s life started to change. Throughout his senior year of Junior High School, he started experimenting with different musical flows thanks to the influences of DMX, Lost Boyz, Method Man, Jay-Z as well as other rap artists at the time. As he got older, instead of being a DJ on a daily basis, he started writing more and taking rapping more seriously. At the age of 16, André was given the opportunity to go into a recording studio in Upstate NY.

When he was asked to rhyme, he took a long pause, and then he just went off…Like a fuse. That’s how he became Fwz (fyo͞oz). When his father realized that rapping was becoming a profession and not just a hobby for Fwz, he went back to school for Recording & Engineering. After he finished school, Mr. Graham became the Engineer for majority of Fwz’s tracks. A new chapter in both their lives was underway. In June of 2007, Fwz dropped a mixtape called Fwz Blown Vol.1 and started to grow a loyal fan base. His buzz started with the No.1 single New Sh*t, which not only grew the attention of the streets and clubs, but also college radio stations. With this type of exposure, Fwz was given the opportunity to ink a deal with Emage Entertainment. Things were starting to look good for Fwz until the Fall of 2008, when his legal troubles caught up to him. Since then a lot has been said and done. Now its time for him to set the record straight and tell the world again…Was His Name

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2 Responses to FWZ – You See Us (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (Directed By WillPhoto)

  1. Brittany says:

    AMAZING and Insanely talented

  2. Jose says:

    this is going to be a hit 😍👌🏼