Gia Yee – NO EMOJI – (Official Lyric Video)

Gia Yee, a United States based singer/songwriter and entrepreneur, entered the music business in 2016 with a series of reggae-rooted songs, which were included on a 5 single album EP. Although she mostly considers herself a reggae artiste, Gia Yee’s music, unique styling’s, and smooth evocative vibe, transcend many music genres.

Gia Yee grew up in an interracial household, as she was born to a father who is Jamaican Chinese and a mother of African descent. Though born in Washington D.C., Gia spent most of her childhood and life growing up in the suburbs of Detroit. Second born of four, Gia was heavily influenced by her parent’s strong work ethic, humble core, and their diversity.

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2 Responses to Gia Yee – NO EMOJI – (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Paula says:

    love the way this makes me feel

  2. carmen says:

    Keep up the work…very nice.