Girl Crush – Anything For You

“Anything for You” is the latest single from Girl Crush, the hit artist behind songs “Luxury” and “Call Me Trouble”


Girl Crush’s song “Anything for You” is about a mother’s unbreakable love for her child and the willingness to do anything for them. To reflect this in her music video, Girl Crush decided to honor her own son’s love of cartoons by making her first ever animated music video. The video shows the extreme lengths Girl Crush would go to protect her son, as she uses her superpowers to fight off dragons and the wild.


Because of the deep change having a son has had on Girl Crush, the production of this video was an entirely personal and emotional experience for her. She was involved in every aspect of the video, from the development of the storyboard to editing the final animation.

Girl Crush on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards last February

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