Iris Stryx – Island Girl (Official Music Video) ft Zorenzo

With a burning dedication to her art and an extensive knowledge in many aspects of the industry, Iris Stryx is ready to set the world of music ablaze with her unique sound and passionate lyrics.  Born Iris Saunders in Nassau, Bahamas, Iris Stryx is a female hip-hop/rap artist, actress and songwriter. Her devotion to music started at the age of four, when she began taking classical piano lessons. Due to her struggle to verbalize her thoughts, Iris began to express herself through writing.  Iris moved to the USA as a teenager. Her earlier college years were spent perfecting her screenwriting and acting talents. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, in Business from Barry University. Iris is currently seeking a master’s degree in filmmaking at the prestigious, University of Miami. In addition, she learned a lot about production and behind the scene work that led to the production of her own short film entitled “The Pirate Gypsies”.

Looking towards the future, Iris is ready to take on the music industry. With a mixture of hip-hop and reggae styles, Iris is set to make the most of her talents and is excited to deliver her personal and original content, “I’m ready to share who I am with the world”.


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2 Responses to Iris Stryx – Island Girl (Official Music Video) ft Zorenzo

  1. Kim says:

    permanently stuck in my brain forever.

  2. Nancy says:

    amazing 👌👌👌