Justis Cook – The Chainsmokers – Roses (Justis Cook Remix)

Justis Cook started his music career writing music for film, tv, and advertising. Soon realized, that the electronic music he was creating on the side had grown to become his greatest passion yet. In the midst of a thriving Electronic Dance Music scene, launching an EDM career with the goal of creating extraordinary music using a unique blend of classical training, songwriting, and overall admiration for electronic music, while hoping to capture the hearts and minds of EDM and non-EDM lovers alike.

Justis Cook’s  first release is a remix of The Chainsmokers song “Roses”. The Chainsmokers are his biggest musical influence and “Roses” is still his favorite song from them. He took only the vocal track and the cut-up vocal-synth track (the very distinct-sounding staccato vocal combined with synth) from the original and created everything else from scratch. The original song only uses three chords, so he changed the chord progression completely to give it a totally new feel. He also chopped up the vocal-synth track and pitched it to a new chord progression, as well as changed the rhythm of it so that it’s a constant element through the whole remix. Additionally, the structure of the song by moving the hook vocals to the beginning and the verse vocals to the middle, because the hook vocals occur twice in the original song. After making these changes, everything else fell into place for Justis.

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2 Responses to Justis Cook – The Chainsmokers – Roses (Justis Cook Remix)

  1. Fin says:

    this remix is on point

  2. Tiffany says:

    that beat though