Mean Gene – IT’S YOURS (audio)

With over 30 years in the game and known for his melodic beats and strong baselines, Mean Gene is a well respected underground hiphop producer born and raised in Washington DC. Mean Gene has since evolved into a deep house-progressive house beat maker specializing in music for both TV & film projects. Born in the Funk & Soul era, Parliament/Funkadelic, Marvin Gaye, Ohio Players & Led Zeppelin were among his first influences in music. As an aspiring rap artist, Mean Gene started making his own beats because there were no hip- hop producers in DC at the time…he was 15. As his popularity grew, he became the “go-to-guy” for beats among his peers, while at the same time, mastering his craft becoming one of the hottest & most sought after underground artists in DC.

He met his mentor Chucky Thompson at 17 (who later became one of the original “Hit Men” for Bad Boy) who gifted him with the technical side of producing as well as how to structure songs. After years of producing for local acts and unsuccessful attempts signing as a rap artist with a major label, Mean Gene found his niche in television by producing music catalogs for BET.

Mean Gene went on to start a family and other successful businesses while still building an incredible music catalog. His music ranges from R&B to Hip Hop to EDM. Mean proclaims that music is an extension of himself…. sounds and drum cadences are continuously running through his head. He is constantly looking for ways to get his music out of his mind and into the world to share.

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2 Responses to Mean Gene – IT’S YOURS (audio)

  1. Chris says:

    this record makes you wanna grind!!

  2. Bobby says:

    whole new level tho